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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review – Solid Without Snake

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance serves as an extreme departure from the formula set forth by Kojima studios and Metal Gear games of old, but its still a Metal Gear title. This particular entry is developed by Platinum Games, the psychotic … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Legends Review: Puzzling Dungeons

To start this review I would like to first touch on two things: dungeon crawlers are one of my favorite genres and for some reason my cat LOVES this game. Creat Studios is a master of many domains, since its … Continue reading

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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review – Genre Defining Charm
ni no kuni logo

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is the latest game from Level-5 Studios and a collaborative project with Studio Ghibli, the legendary Japanese anime studio. Published by Namco Bandai, the game has finally made its way to American … Continue reading

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PlayStation 4 Information Roundup – What to Expect

Since the inception of the original PlayStation way back when, Sony’s machines have become synonymous with gaming. Here we unearth all the latest news, rumors and speculation for the inevitable PlayStation 4 or “Orbis.” Maybe some of the information below … Continue reading

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5 Movie Inspired Games That Don’t Suck

If any medium should be able to translate well into video games, it’s movies. Ripe for action and suspense, the same qualities that make a movie legendary are the ones that make a video game memorable. It’s a cliché that … Continue reading

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Exclusive Interview – Video X Games: Gamer’s Paradise

The summer is always a great time for gaming. Kids are out of school, lots of time is wasted in front of a TV, and Major League Gaming and Evolution both have championships. The latter has been seen as the … Continue reading

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10 Most Badass Weapons in Gaming

Badasses are only as cool as the weapons they wield. In the past 30 years characters have wielded everything from wrenches to dildos, only some of these however can be considered the most badass of the bunch. Here at PSUni … Continue reading

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Mahjong Tales: Nonstop Action and Adventure, Not

Emmy wished on a Mahjong scale and thats what started Mahjong Tales. Around the room the Mahjong flew but Emmy and Max knew what to do. They climbed on the backs of their Mahjong friends, and now the adventure never … Continue reading

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Game Wisdom: Best 20 Quotes in Gaming

Video games aren’t just for wasting a weekend  or looking at digital boobs covered with as few pixels as the raters will allow, they are also a place to find wisdom. Throughout the industry great writers have produced gems that stay with the … Continue reading

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Free PlayStation Mobile Games for the Next Six Weeks

Who doesn’t like free games? Every week for the next six weeks you will be able to download a game from the PlayStation Mobile store 100% free of charge. If you have a PlayStation Vita, you can just check out … Continue reading

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