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5 Million people buy COD map packs in 2nd Quarter

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In news that displays the true stupidity of a handful of gamers, Activision reveals that over five million people were gullible enough to buy overpriced content for its Call of Duty franchise. That’s correct, between the months of April and June of 2010, Activision managed to sell five million downloads of its map packs — the majority of which being the newly released map packs for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

If you’ve been paying attention over the last couple of months, you’d know that the majority of these downloaders have been paying $15 per pack for the new MW2 maps. This number is an outrageous price for the quantity and quality of maps you’re receiving, especially considering the fact you’re buying recycled maps as well.

These impressive figures would be enough to push Activision’s title into the Top 5 list of units sold if the map packs were a retail package. Despite the ridiculousness of it all, it continues to get worse as the success of these map packs is what has truly spurned Activision to consider charging an online subscription fee for its widely successful shooter.

Are you one of the dopes who paid for this content and if so, does that mean you’d pay for a subscription fee as well?

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Comments (8)

  • TraumaticTighearnan

    I bought the maps, but I didn’t pay the full price..
    Me and my friend spent £5.50 together..
    Tbh I’m not planning on getting the second map packs..


    Me niether, we game share and stuff. so he had to pay and i didn’t

  • TRF

    Great. More money in Kotick’s wallet. That 1.5 million he lost barely phased him. :p

    I didn’t buy the pack, mainly because I don’t play MW2. I think $10 is fine for a map pack.

  • Deathslizer

    Didnt touch the maps at all .. hell i havent even touched that trash for months … Activision deserves to die …

  • Reigen

    wow the map packs are 5$ away from being priced like a gta expantion, and ewen those werent worth the money, yet for 5M people its not only ok to buy a 60$ dlc beta expantion in disc form(mw2), but also ok to buy owerpriced mp maps
    sory if i insulted any of you guys, but this is realy one of the most stupid consumer decisions

  • Doominator99

    I didnt buy them and neither are my freinds. It is very sad what Activision has become, they could sell the map packs for £1 each and still make more money than most game companys ever do. They know that the smart gamers hate them but refuse to admit that they are doing anything wrong. I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evans

    SuBsCrIpTioN LAWL!!! Easy money considering all the highly potential buyers. I wont give in for sure.

  • YuN9 5E5

    Good thing I gameshared them from someone else cuz i wouldn’t be caught dead spending $15 on stupid map packs especially when half are from an old game & theyre giving you the worst ones. I cant believe 5 million people couldn’t see that theyre getting ripped off. If activision ends up charging to play online im done with call of duty

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