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6,000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 stolen in daring truck robbery

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In a news story that sounds like it was taken from the cutting room floor of Infinity Ward’s upcoming military shooter, a truck with a shipment of Modern Warfare 3 games was robbed in France on Saturday morning. The truck contained about 6,000 copies of the game, valued at approximately 400,000 Euros.

The delivery truck was struck by another vehicle, which was being driven by the robbers. Two masked assailants emerged from the vehicle, then used tear gas to fend off the truck drivers before taking off with the shipment. Holy crap!

Something tells me that this Call of Duty thing is kind of popular.

Source: CVG

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Comments (2)

  • RareEndangeredSpycrab

    I dread to think how their gonna sell off 6,000 copies without drawing too much attention to themselves.

    • Joe Garcia

      You’d be shocked to learn how few criminal minds think long-term, lol.

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