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A little bit of Moving, Dancing, Puzzling

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PlayStation Move will soon be on store shelves, with a healthy collection of launch titles. We thought we’d look at just two of the games you might have missed before now. One uses the Move controller in quite a predictable way and the other uses a little more creativity.

Singstar Dance does what it says on the tin. Combining traditional Singstar singing and adding in dancing by using the Move controller and PlayStation Eye camera – European casual gamers will be a very happy bunch. We’ve included the game’s latest trailer, ┬ábut what’s unclear is how you can hold a mic to sing and grip Move controller(s) to dance at the same time. Almost as awkward as singing and dancing in your living room in the first place.

Next up is Echochrome II, bringing the original PlayStation Network series to the PlayStation Move with a new concept – shadows. Players complete puzzles by using the Move controller as a torch, changing the shadows formed by in-game blocks to create a passage for your shadow puppet to reach the level end. Like the original, Echochrome II embraces ‘Play, Create, Share’ – letting players create their own levels and share them over PSN. Quite an original use of Move, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Which PlayStation Move game are you most looking forward to? You can find the full list of this year’s Move releases here.

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  • Niyfe

    Echochrome gameplay is extremely interesting.

  • TRF

    Echochrome looks incredible.

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