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Announcement and reveal of Bayonetta 2 coming soon

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Twitter is starting to become a quick source of information and news within the gaming industry as it allows developers, publishers and public relations teams to get information out at a rate unlike ever before. This seems to be the case with Bayonetta 2 as Hideki Kamiya as revealed that you can expect to see the game soon.

When questioned by other users as to when we can expect to see Bayonetta 2 at Tokyo Game Show 2011 and whether or not the same female vixen will be the center of attention, Kamiya leaked that those questions would be answered very soon. In fact, he even went as far as to say that will get to “see” it soon.

This brings up the ultimate question: If you only own a PlayStation 3, will you purchase Bayonetta 2 or hold out out of protest of the travesty that was the original on your console of choice?

It will definitely be interesting to see how Bayonetta 2 sales compare to the original if/when the game is released.

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  • TRF

    I just finished Bayonetta yesterday. Great game, I’d love to play a sequel.

  • TRF

    BTW, I want to touch that thumbnail so badly. :P

  • richie217

    Insert datass.jpg

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