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Dragon’s Dogma E3 2011 video features battle with Chimera

One of the best looking role-playing titles shown during E3 this week was Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. In one of the E3 gameplay videos, Capcom gives fans a look at one of the enemy types known as Chimera. These mystical beasts … Continue reading

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Madden NFL 12 gameplay trailers highlights Packers versus Bears, Seahawks first-look

EA Sport has released a new gameplay video for Madden NFL 12 giving fans some insight to what this years Madden iteration has to offer. The gameplay comes from E3 earlier this week. Overall, it seems a bit repetitive, borrowing … Continue reading

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PS Vita memory cards 4GB-32GB

As HD content becomes more available, the use of larger disc space is needed. Thanks to a forum poster via Beyond3d, we have a look at the new PlayStation Vita memory cards. The memory card sizes range from 4 gigabytes … Continue reading

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DMC gets first in-game trailer, film adaptation planned

Capcom and Ninja Theory have released a new gameplay trailer for DMC featuring the first in-game footage of Dante and his powerful attack combos. The video also shows terrain deformation and building destructibility to an extent. No release date has … Continue reading

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Resident Evil: Raccoon City gets two new gameplay trailers

Capcom has released two new gameplay videos for its upcoming Resident Evil title – Resident Evil: Raccoon City. The trailers feature a look at the game’s cover system, weapons, melee combos, and zombie head stomping. The game’s slated for a … Continue reading

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Battlefield 3 E3 2011 trailer displays impressive visuals and gameplay

EA and DICE have released the E3 2011 trailer for Battlefield 3 giving fans a taste of what to expect when the game ships later this year. The video features vast open landscapes, huge detailed cities, impressive building destructibility, realistic … Continue reading

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Konami releases eight minute gameplay video for NeverDead

Konami and Rebellion have released a new gameplay video for NeverDead featuring over eight minutes of gameplay footage. The video showcases game protagonist Bryce Boltzmann as he uses his severed limbs to cause havoc. Since he is immortal, players must … Continue reading

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SCEA Santa Monica to unveil four unannounced games at E3

Tim Moss, director of technology at Sony Santa Monica Studio, has revealed that the company will be showing off four new announced titles at the E3 press conference this week. “#SMStudio has 8 games from our talented external teams at … Continue reading

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Ninja Gaiden 3 E3 2011 trailer features Ryu and his blood stained blade

Tecmo and Team Ninja have unleashed the first trailer for Ninja Gaiden 3 (via GTTV), showcasing Ryu and his adventure to London. The trailer features slow-motion stabbing and bone cutting combos, with crimson red blood showering from Ryu’s enemies. The … Continue reading

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Resistance 3 E3 2011 trailer visits various city battlegrounds

GTTV’s released an exclusive trailer entitled “Road to Redemption” for Insomniac’s upcoming FPS Resistance 3. The video features a mix of CGI cut-scenes and gameplay with our hero Joseph Capelli battling towering Chimera machines and brutal foes. Resistance 3 hits … Continue reading

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