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JAM Live Music Arcade Review

It’s been years since I last used my guitar controller. With the end of the Guitar Hero franchise, most assumed the music genre to be dead. However, the brave minds at Zivix think otherwise. With JAM Live Music Arcade, they promise … Continue reading

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News You Can Use: 05/15/12

We’ve got several interesting news pieces for you today. If you ever wondered what an HD remastered Final Fantasy VII would look like, then Kotaku has an article that you won’t want to miss. The PlayStation Blog has the top PlayStation … Continue reading

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News You Can Use: 05/14/12

It’s Monday (bleh), and we have some News You Can Use to start your week off right. Sadly, it begins with the announcement that the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has been delayed until 2013. The PS Vita title Silent Hill: Book of Memories has also … Continue reading

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Join PS Uni’s Max Payne 3 Crew in the Rockstar Social Club!

The Rockstar Social Club recently added the ability to create and join crews across all of their multiplayer games, starting with the release of Max Payne 3 tomorrow (there will be a review up soon, promise!). Wonderfully enough, the crews … Continue reading

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PS Uni Underground Radio 017: Basement Dweller

Team PlayStation is back, and what a challenge they have this week! Soul Sacrifice is coming for PS Vita. Is this the game that makes people buy a Vita, or will people turn their spinal cords into a sword to aviod … Continue reading

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Max Payne 3′s arcade modes detailed

Rockstar Games is implementing two distinct arcade modes into their upcoming Max Payne 3 – the classic  New York Minute makes a return, joined by the all-new Score Attack. These modes will allow gamers to achieve and attempt to top their own … Continue reading

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News You Can Use: 05/10/12

Trailers, release dates, and sales figures are what we have for you today. First off, Sony’s earnings are not as high this past year as they would like, but the Vita seems to be doing just fine with itself. Dishonored finally … Continue reading

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Awesomenauts Review

Awesomenauts is the latest from Ronimo Games, and for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can download for free during the month of May. But does Awesomenauts live up to it’s name? Awesomenauts is a traditional “red vs. blue” … Continue reading

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Rockstar releases Max Payne 3 launch trailer

Those of us who have been waiting to get our next Max Payne fix will be pleased — Rockstar Games has released the official launch trailer and it looks great. The clips show off much of the in-game footage, showcasing … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Dogma Ur-Dragon mode revealed

Determined to bring out the dragonslayer in its players, Dragon’s Dogma will have a special challenge awaiting all players upon its release date. This special event is known as the Ur-Dragon, a larger than life, and just as powerful, dragon awaiting … Continue reading

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