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Assassin’s Creed II Lineage Episode 1

As expected, Ubisoft has released the first episode in the Assassin’s Creed II Lineage series. Episode one features a familiar face and allows you to see deeper into the world of Assassin’s Creed II and how it got to where … Continue reading

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BioShock 2 Trailer dives into SP

Take-Two Interactive has released a new trailer for BioShock 2 depicting more of the single-player campaign. The trailer itself is pretty self-explanatory and features a battle between Big Sister and Big Daddy. We’re not sure if BioShock has ever looked … Continue reading

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Top 8 Stealth Games

Stealth games take patience and careful planning when playing them as the wrong move can leave the gamer in an unfavorable situation. While we’re sure many of you have died countless times while playing the listed games below, one thing … Continue reading

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Top 8 Sports Titles of All Time

Recycled. Facelift. Roster Update. These three phrases are often utilized to describe any sports title that releases on a yearly basis. Whether it’s developed by EA Sports, 2K Sports or even Sony themselves, there are always a strong amount of … Continue reading

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Netflix officially on its way to PlayStation 3

Anyone who didn’t see this coming is a complete putz. In fact, we’re pretty positive that Microsoft signed an exclusive deal with Netflix that allowed the software giant to utilize Netflix as an exclusive feature for a certain amount of … Continue reading

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New ModernWarfare 2 screens are disappointing

Hype provides a lot of positives and negatives for a developer in regards to an upcoming title. However, it often provides quite the disappointment for gamers who are expecting big things from a future title and then the company releases … Continue reading

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Nolan North and Co. excited to start on Uncharted 3

Unless you’re one of the hardcore crowd who finished Uncharted 2 in one sitting, chances are, you still haven’t beaten Among Thieves yet. However, Nolan North and the Naughty Dog team don’t care if you have or haven’t, they’re already … Continue reading

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Lost Files: PlayStation 3 RPG Ascendant (Screens+Trailers)

Sometimes games seem to get lost in the fray that people may forget about or never even heard of. Ascendant is one of these titles. Developed by Big Huge Games, this roleplaying game is supposedly Ken Rolston’s masterpiece, however after … Continue reading

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North America PSN Update; 10/22/09

This week’s North American update is everything the last two should have been. The PlayStation Portable content is looking magnificent as Sony has dished out 10 or so titles for download including a plethora of Grand Theft Auto titles. On … Continue reading

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[UPDATED] Borderlands Swag Giveaway

Hello students of PlayStation University! Though we don’t have a review copy of Borderlands to give away, we do have some very sweet Borderlands swag to send your way for being loyal readers of the website. We spent a couple … Continue reading

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