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New Ar Tonelico 3 Trailer and Screens

The new Ar Tonelico will be reaching Japan stores in a matter of months. And to build up some hype Gust has released the first Trailer for ART 3 and some screens to go along with it. Also something that … Continue reading

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Top 8 Family Friendly Games

Every console has a lineup of games that are released designed to bring the family together to sit on the couch and enjoy them. It doesn’t matter whether your dad needs to finish up something for work, or mom is … Continue reading

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European PSN Update; 10/15/09

This week’s European update comes with a splash full of special offers that some of you may want to take advantage of. As we mentioned yesterday, Mushroom Wars is out and the PSP receives quite a bit more content since … Continue reading

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Ratchet & Clank a little “different” in Japan

Living in North America, Ratchet & Clank has always been the same for me. A great platformer with slight puzzles, wild weaponry and dialogue that is suited for all gamers. It’s a great franchise that despite its many iterations continues … Continue reading

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God of War III Demo Dated

As a lot of you know, Sony is giving an early look, via a demo, into God of War III to those who purchase inFamous in Japan. Each copy of inFamous comes packed with the promotional offering and users can … Continue reading

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Kojima: Zone Of The Enders Is On The Top Of Our To-Do List

A lot of people may remember that the demo for The Playstation 2 classic, Metal Gear Solid 2, shipped with a special little title by the name of Zone of The Enders. While the game received mixed reviews but it … Continue reading

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[UPDATE] Sony: The Death of Consumer Loyalty

Updated: It’s amazing what an article on a website can achieve for you when it receives tens of thousands of hits and a ton of link-ins from around the country/world. It’s also amazing to know exactly how full of crap … Continue reading

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Naughty Dog Developer confirms Cross Game Chat

In a surprising turn of events, a Naughty Dog developer has posted on the official PlayStation forums confirming that Cross-Game Chat will be made available through the next firmware update. This should confirm earlier reports and rumors that cross-game chat … Continue reading

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CryEngine 3 is too beautiful for words

Every so often a developer engine is revealed that makes you wonder how anyone in the world could improve upon it. It happened when Epic Games first revealed Unreal Engine 3 and it happened again when gamers got a glimpse … Continue reading

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Mushroom Wars hits PSN on Oct. 15 for $10

If you’re ready for you’re next fix of RTS action on PlayStation Network, then you should be pleased to know that Mushroom Wars is scheduled for release during tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update. Mushroom Wars, developed by Creat Studios, is the … Continue reading

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