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Is Sony working on a PSP Touch?

With the PlayStation Portable Go! set to release this Thursday, October 1st, it leaves the question in mind of, “What’s next?” We’ve all witnessed the evolution of Nintendo’s hand held devices from the original brick model back in the late … Continue reading

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New L.A. Noire details coming soon according to Rockstar

Rockstar Games has been running various Q&As with fans of their franchises over the last couple of months and finally one of them has lead to some ‘new’ information in regards to PlayStation 3 exclusive, L.A. Noire. While the new … Continue reading

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Yoichi Wada expects big numbers from Final Fantasy XIII

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little title called Final Fantasy XIII that’s due out in Japan on December 17th? If not, you’ve either been living under a rock or you’re still trying to convince yourself that this supposed PlayStation exclusive … Continue reading

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Zombie Apocalypse Giveaway

Hello fellow University readers! We hope you’re doing well today. Konami and Sony has been generous enough to send us a couple of Download Vouchers for Zombie Apocalypse. We’ve decided that instead of keeping it for ourselves (after all, we … Continue reading

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God of War Collection Video Revealed

In the aftermath of TGS 2009 a recent video of Sony’s upcoming God of War Collection has leaked. And while the audio is just horrible, the visuals from what can be seen look like they have been upgraded to run … Continue reading

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Super Street Fighter IV confirmed

Earlier, Capcom published a teaser for an upcoming announcement. However, as with most teaser sites, some people have dug into the source code to find out exactly what is on its way. According to french video game site,  JV247, Capcom’s … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIII’s TGS 09 Trailer

On Dec.17.2009 PS3 owners in Japan will be able to experience the long awaited Final Fantasy XIII. The first game in Square’s Fabula Nova Crystallis series. And in order to build up the hype meter for this game Square-Enix released … Continue reading

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RUMOR: Is Yakuza 3 headed to Europe?

Mark this down as a rumor but apparently it was reported that renowned Japanese developer and publisher SEGA are currently in the process of localizing the cult classic Yakuza 3. For those of you not too familiar with the Yakuza … Continue reading

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Mini Ninjas Review

Mini Ninjas is a title that has undoubtedly slipped through your web of releases unless you were following it very closely. I must admit to having completely disregarded this one originally – it had that appearance of a kids game … Continue reading

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The Last Guardian to feature more puzzles, less combat

Fumito Ueda, designer of The Last Guardian and creator of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, has been pretty busy this past week at the annual Tokyo Game Show. The designer has openly displayed his hopefulness for a simultaneous release … Continue reading

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