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Split/Second Review

After having played the tires off the Split/Second demo, I couldn’t have been more enthused for the full version to arrive in my mailbox. Unfortunately for Split/Second, while I was waiting for it to arrive, Blur arrived in its place, … Continue reading

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Singularity Review

Action/Horror titles would have to be among my absolute favourite game genres. FEAR, Silent Hill, Dead Space (and more) – they have all left very memorable impressions on my gaming history. Original footage and information regarding Singularity, Raven Software’s time … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods ’11 Review

EA’s Tiger Woods franchise is a remarkable game in that it has no significant competitors in the genre. Apart from maybe Hot Shots Golf (Everybody’s Golf), there are really no other ‘mainstream’ golf games to knock it off its pedestal. … Continue reading

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ModNation Racers Review

When I heard that the second title in Sony’s “Play, Create, Share” series was going to be a kart racer, I was suitably impressed — hyped even. I was lucky and landed a spot in the ModNation Racers beta. Here, … Continue reading

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Blur Review

Since my first foray into gaming at the age of 5, I have always gravitated towards the racing genre. Recently, we have been inundated with all forms of racing titles. Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, Split/Second: Velocity, ModNation Racers … Continue reading

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Red Dead Redemption HD Video Review

Here is the late, but anticipated video review for Red Dead Redemption.

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Red Dead Redemption Review

Most of us have some kind of affinity for Westerns. Whether it was growing up watching John Wayne or Clint Eastwood grace the silver screen, or the more modern cowboy adventures, such as Christian Bale & Russel Crowe’s 3:10 to … Continue reading

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FIFA World Cup 2010 Review

It’s been four years since the last World Cup took place and it’s finally time again for the world to unite in order to watch one of the greatest sporting events known to man. ESPN has clarified this through commercials … Continue reading

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Just Cause 2 Review

There have been some incredible sandbox games in the past. Most of us remember the more familiar, titles with “GTA” prefixing them – and most of us have played them for hours, just mucking about causing trouble and getting sidetracked … Continue reading

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God of War III HD Review

On March 16th, 2010, God of War III released to the masses in North America. Below is our video review and hopefully you guys enjoy the HD goodness. Check out Jaz350z’s other work here.

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