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L.A. Noire Review

Adventure games have had somewhat of a comeback in recent years, mostly in the form of lightweight, downloadable offerings by Telltale. However, LA Noire is the first example of a big-budget, full-fledged $60 adventure game we’ve seen lately. And it … Continue reading

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Brink Review

The latest title out of independently-owned British game development company, Splash Damage (best known for their online FPS games, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory), is Brink. Continuing their trend of delivering FPS’, Brink sets to redefine the … Continue reading

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Swarm Review

Ever since I bought DeathSpank from the PSN store last year, the name ‘Hothead Games’ became one of my benchmarks for fun, not-so-serious downloadable games. While we at PlaystationUni never got to review Deathspank’s follow-up, Thongs of Virtue, the announcement … Continue reading

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

It has been a packed few months if you’re a follower of racing games. Just keeping up with my backlog has proved an almost impossible task. Finally, I’ve had a chance to get around to one of my more anticipated … Continue reading

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

[Editor's Note: It's late, but we finally got to it] Throw Criterion at a racing game with licensed cars and you’re bound to happen on a winner, right? After all, one of my favourite arcade racers ever is Burnout Paradise. … Continue reading

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Dead Space 2 Review

2008’s Dead Space was a breath of fresh air for the sci-fi, survival horror genre. The strategic dismemberment of your alien Necromorph foes was ridiculously satisfying. Gone were the standard-fare weapons that litter modern shooters. Dead Space introduced the ‘Plasma … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 2 Review

Almost exactly 12 months ago, Mass Effect 2 released to critical and commercial success on the Xbox 360 and PC, and until last August it seemed as if PlayStation 3 owners would be on the outside looking in as BioWare’s … Continue reading

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Credible Gran Turismo 5 Review

Always synonymous with intricate detail and a complete, whole driving experience, Gran Turismo has set the bar for all other racing games in the past. Few have managed the level of quality and detail, features and quantity that we’ve come … Continue reading

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Dead Nation Review

If you’ve wanted a Zombie fix, you haven’t had to look too far this year. Dead Rising 2, a zombie mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops. DLC for Burn Zombie Burn! with “In Space”, DLC for Red Dead Redemption … Continue reading

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Fallout: New Vegas Review

I’ve always been a follower of the Fallout series. Back when it was all turn-based combat, it was at the forefront of my PC gaming addiction. I even played (and enjoyed) Fallout Tactics. Essentially any game carrying the Fallout title … Continue reading

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