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Crysis 2′s World Premiere Trailer

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Electronic Arts and Crytek promised to deliver unto gamers the world premiere trailer for Crysis 2 in Time Square and they did just that. Last night the trailer premiered to much excitement and the end result has been positive thus far.

We’ve included the trailer below.

The message at the end is a url which reads “http://www.sosnewyork.com” — Users who check out the site will be greeted with a countdown timer in standard teaser fashion.

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Comments (5)

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  • TRF

    What is the time counting down towards? No way it’s the release of the game.

  • Dave

    I went to the site but the time was 00:00:00…

  • taus90

    i would hardy call that a trailer its like calling walking around for 5min gameplay it just isnt

  • scottspeed

    Game does look beautiful even if there is no gameplay to be seen

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