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Delta Force comes to PS3: Unlikely candidate for comeback PS2 shooter

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A potential candidate for OPM’s teased PS2 squad shooter comes in the form of a PlayStation Network classic. We still have our sneaking positions that the title has already been announced and that this particular title really can be classed as a “revered squad shooter”. Delta Force: Urban Warfare? Not so much.

Connected Consoles appears to think that Delta Force: Urban Warfare, recently rated by the ESRB for the PS3 and PSP, is a likely candidate for a “triumphant comeback” that the Official PlayStation Magazine teased in its latest issue. Delta Force is certainly a squad shooter and had a number of releases on the PlayStation 2.

Now that Urban Warfare appears to be returning in the form of a PSN classic re-release, this could be the series OPM was talking about. A “revered PS2 squad shooter”? We’re not sure.  A “triumphant comeback”? Hm, nah. In fact, we’re going to stick to our controversial and perhaps unpopular guns.

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Comments (9)

  • TRF

    I’ve never played Urban Warfare. Name doesn’t sound too promising.

  • BlinkyEC

    Back garden warfare .

  • Ryan


  • Thorzilla

    Never heard of the saga. : /

  • Dr. Moogle

    huh? ive never even heard of Delta Force lol

    it would be nice if it was somehow Syphon Filter tho! only if :(

  • scottspeed

    I have not heard of it either. everytime i hear delta force i think paintballing because there is a paintballing centre near to where i live called delta force. paintballing is sick my the way :)

  • taus90

    Delta force was a nice series, but i think its SOCOM 4

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  • tucker

    Delta Force is one best shoot um ups ever made ive played all of them on pc check them out

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