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Digi-Guys tell Gabe Newell, ‘PS3 Hype was right!’

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Digi-Guys, the developers behind WarDevil, seem to have a lot to say when it comes to the PlayStation 3 and the process of developing for the console’s architecture. In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Andy Whitehurst, founder and senior GC artists, revealed some of the brighter points of developing on the PlayStation 3 as the lead platform for their upcoming title, WarDevil.

“Sony’s hype was right,” said Andy Whitehurst, before claiming that the PS3′s Cell chip is the future of HD gaming as a whole.

“It’s advantageous for our thought process. There’s better filtering on the Xbox 360 but the whole thing comes together better on PS3,” he added while discussing the pre-calculated texture system that the project uses, “it gives us the ability to have an enormous amount of textures on-screen, at a fidelity we can use in 35mm or 65mm formats without altering them.”

“It’s not dissimilar from many normal industry practices,” adds Whitehurst, “but we pushed it in another direction by holding colour, grading, lighting, diffuse, specular and even bump maps in a single PCTS [pre-calculated texture system] data structure. This information lets us separate it into separate channels for complex effects.”

The bottom line is, Digi-Guys are pretty much letting Gabe Newell and other anti-PlayStation 3 developers know that the console’s architecture IS the future of gaming and that you should probably get used to it. Not only is the hype right, but it will be the foundation of HD gaming for years to come.

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  • phil


  • Dave-The-Rave

    Is Wardevil not vapourware?

  • Ricochet

    Uncharted, MGS4, Killzone 2 and now Uncharted 2. The hints are there and the developers are not taking notice (except for Uncharted 2)

  • Anonmouse

    This is what I call objective reporting

    Graphics =/= Innovation assholes

  • Gamester101

    @ Anonmouse

    who said it was? grow up

  • LightStormer

    Gabe Newell is a moron for saying those retarded things about the PS3, i bet he hates eating crow now

    (cue Elpresador-esque laughter)

  • suckstobeandy

    Word is that Andy Whitehurst has effectively been FIRED from the project and now ignition is scrambling to do the game and is ditching the 1080RTE engine since it never really existed and was all “hype” anyway.

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