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Footage of Borderlands co-op gameplay

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One of the coolest aspects of the upcoming title, Borderlands, is its co-op gameplay. While co-op can be played online (my preference), it can also be played offline in a split-screen scenario. This is something that not enough games are allowing gamers to do nowadays. I think we should definitely have more co-op split-screen titles. Anyway, Joystiq.com has uploaded the co-op footage and it looks very solid.

We’ve included the video below.

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Comments (2)

  • Atamix

    what is this?
    it sucks.

  • Nicholes

    Its an action RPG FPS. It looks like a really cool game so far but this vid makes it look horridly bad.

    Borderlands will feature 500,000 weapons.. and NO not just remodeled or variations of the same weapon.

    It will create random leveled weapons with different stats and abilities.

    For instance a shotgun pistol, or a shotgun pistol with lasers instead of shells.

    The game will be out on the 20th or 23rd, i forget the exact date, of this month.

    It will have 4 player coop and you could challenge your friends to a fight and an arena will form over any spot you two are located at.

    BL is supposed to have a nice sized world too.

    OH yea and boss fights that you can loot some nice weapons from.

    There is more but I’m tired of typing

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