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Frathouse Friday: Video Game (Alcoholic) Drinks

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Karma Drink

Shirley Templar (Assassin’s Creed)


Ginger Ale
1.5 oz. gin
1.5 oz. grenadine
1 maraschino cherry


In a highball glass with ice, fill most of the glass half with Sprite, half with ginger ale, leaving a bit of room at the top.  Mix in a shot of grenadine and a shot of gin.  Place a maraschino cherry on the top and serve.


Elderflower Scrolls: Skyyrum (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim cocktail)


30ml Skyy vanilla vodka
175ml Sparkling elderflower presse
dash of Spiced rum (Sailor Jerry)
Orange peel


First, create a sugared rim by dipping your high ball glass into the vanilla vodka, and then into a plate of sugar. Now put ice into the glass and pour in 175ml of the presse down the side (the inside, of course). Add a measure of spiced rum on top of that, and garnish with an orange peel dragon’s tongue.

I used to make cocktails, but then…

With that my fine bros we conclude our Frathouse mixer, for these recipes and all your other video drinking needs be sure to check out The Drunken Moogle  here. We hope you have enjoyed this week edition of PSUni Frathouse, and as always: Whatever you do, don’t drink responsibly.

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Comments (4)

  • Richard Bailey

    Great article Colten. I must confess that I don’t drink but after reading this article I’m very tempted to try out one of these.

  • jlfdsfdsf

    How about you credit who made the drinks and leave the watermark on next time, bros?

    • Sony Smash Bro

      He did credit them, at the end. There is a direct hyperlink to the website.

    • Colten Timmons

      For one, as has been stated before there is a link and promotion of to the kickass people who are working on compiling EVERY video game inspired drink on the net. This list was merely a selected group that highlighted what I thought were the best ones that fell in toe with the theme of the site.

      Secondly, the pictures are used as is. If any watermark had been present it would have remained, since there weren’t any I felt the link to the site, promotion of the site, and an email to the person who manages the site would suffice.

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