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God of War III Demo Dated

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As a lot of you know, Sony is giving an early look, via a demo, into God of War III to those who purchase inFamous in Japan. Each copy of inFamous comes packed with the promotional offering and users can head to the PlayStation Store to redeem their code voucher and start downloading Kratos’ next epic journey.

Sadly, there has never been a release date given as to when users can expect to enjoy this early demo download. Today, however, Sony has announced that November 19th will mark that magic day that Kratos’ hellish vengeance will be unleashed throughout Japan’s online world. Codes from the inFamous release (October 15) can be redeemed at the PlayStation Store from November 19th 2009 to February of 2010.

North Americans excited for the God of War III demo don’t have long to wait either, as they can pick up the demo next month in the God of War Collections Bundle!


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Comments (3)

  • MrMustBNice

    Uhmm tempted?… No,… not at all, doesn’t the God of War Collection (which includes the God of War III demo) drop on November 17th in NA?

  • daevv

    That bundle pack is going to sell like mad! It’s only something like $39 too!

  • yuzyk69

    i cant wait i love god of war its the best game ever made

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