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God of War III Demo packaged with District 9 on BD

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It’s clear that the God of War Collection coming out in November is going to be a massive hit and definitely worth the suggested retail price, however, for those of you who aren’t interested in replaying the two games or purchasing the collection, Sony is giving you another way to land the God of War III demo.

On December 29th, the release date of District 9 on Blu-ray disc, Sony will include a demo for God of War III on the disc itself. While this may seem like an odd enough pairing, District 9 should sell incredibly well as it was a fantastic movie to begin with. However, throwing in the added incentive of a built-in God of War III demo should pretty much skyrocket sales entirely.

Also included on the Blu-ray disc is a “Making of God of War III” video that becomes available once gamers complete the demo in its entirety. This is a great packaged incentive from Sony and we’ll be sure to pick up a copy come December 29th.


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Comments (6)

  • LastFatality

    That cool man ill definetly buy that

  • K-grim

    its a good market strategy
    id buy a car if it came vith the god of war 3 demo xD

  • squirrelbo1

    pffffft, i resent buying films as i only watch them once, i usually just rent them.

  • daevv

    Most people who really want the demo will already have it by the time this BD is released. They’ll buy the GOW Collection in November.

  • Remahr

    I suppose this is for the amount of people who bought the PS3 as a cheap Blu-Ray player? So that they can get them into the franchise? Or gaming altogether?

    I dunno, but anyway, I think it’s a good move, and it yet again proves the possibilities of the Blu-Ray disc. Good going, Sony, I like stuff like this.

  • ShurikenSpammer

    Cool. I was gonna buy that film anyways, it’s really good.

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