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Heavy Rain Moves Storytelling Forward

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Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain is one of the most anticipated titles to launch on the PS3 next year. With some of the most realistic looking character models ever presented in a game along with the promise to have one of the most intriguing stories that we have ever seen. It’s hard to not understand the hype behind Heavy Rain.

Recently Quantic Dream released a video depicting the now infamous Corner Store robbery scene. In this scene players are in the shoes of Detective Shelby as he is trying to gather some more information on the Origami Killer by interviewing the father of the latest victim. During the process of the interview the store is robbed and it is up to the player to decide how this robbery will end.

In Heavy Rain the way the world and the outcome of this mystery turns out is completely up to you. And after seeing this trailer I can understand what they meant.

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  • idin93

    sounds cool

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