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Heavy Rain Special Edition Exclusive to HMV in UK

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Following the revelation that the UK’s BBFC has rated Heavy Rain with only a 15+ classification, we now have a ’just-about-confirmed’ release date and the further fact that the game’s collector’s edition will be exclusive to HMV in the UK.

Priced at only £39.99, the same recommended retail price as the standard edition, HMV’s exclusive Heavy Rain Special Edition will include the Heavy Rain Dynamic Theme, Heavy Rain’s Official Soundtrack and Episode 1 of the Heavy Rain Chronicles.

Not only that, but both HMV and other retailers believe that the game’s release date has been locked down to the 26th February in the UK. You can thus expect Quantic Dream’s debut PS3 game around this date in the US. Just a little bit of bad news though, the European special edition won’t be making its way to the States, as reported by VG247.

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Comments (6)

  • Nick

    Thanks a lot, SCEA.

    I would’ve gladly paid $80 or whatever for a CE.

  • TehFlyingDutchman

    Thanks for the info, just pre ordered it :)

  • Bigboi90B

    Hey thanks for the heads-up, can anyone tell me where i can order this online, currently living in the US :\ never imported a game, so i need a reliable site, thanks

    email: Bigboi90B@hotmail.com

  • Raptor

    I’m not sure if HMV allow imports to the US. You’ll have to check their website.

  • Patrick Steen

    Since it’s exclusive to HMV in the UK, you won’t be abe to import it, unless you find it on ebay. Your best bet will be to look around the rest of Europe for this edition, though be sure to check which languages are included.

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