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Heavy Rain will differ slightly in each region

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After the release of a seemingly sexy strip tease from Heavy Rain was leaked, a lot of gamers were under the impression that Heavy Rain would have to be censored in certain regions. This strip tease only magnified and pretty much confirmed what an Italian PlayStation blog had earlier reported that Quantic Dreams was looking to have a full QTE sex scene in its upcoming title. With these two tidbits of information, it’s hard to imagine North America or Japan allowing a fully uncensored version of the game. However, it’ll come as no surprise that Europeans receive a raw copy as they did with Fahrenheit, Quantic Dreams’ last title.

“We wanted to have pretty much the same game everywhere, be it Europe, in the United States, or in Japan, of course, with slight adaptions, for instance, the Japanese version” Fondaumiere said, “but I don’t think the changes we made will make a big difference, so that those are real modular things. We felt the need to adapt the content to the culture.”

If the game does differ in different regions, will you be prompted to import the rawest format?

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Comments (6)

  • Yusuf

    Sony does not publish Adult Only (AO) games so…

  • SamaT

    I would probably import.

  • DeadlyAnGeL91792

    WHAT!!! i demand my sex scene! this is an outrage….

  • XDylAnime

    I’m definitely importing. No, it’s not because I NEED any “adult content” in my video games, but the idea of a group of republicans sitting around deciding on games they’ll never even play in order to limit the content that they feel is innapropriate for me when they don’t even know me is what drives me insane. I only want games in their raw form, the way they were intended to be made without all of the “adapting to cultural differences.” I’m an adult, for crying out loud!

  • squirrelbo1

    so in Europe we get the whole shabang ???? no need to import. I wonder what the AUS censorship will make of this :)

  • SuicideKyd

    just cause it has one slight fake sex scene does not make it AO, it would still be M but stuffy law-doers will freak out cause mom will buy it for little billy boy.

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