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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep coming in September

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Today Sony has officially announced the release date of the next iteration of Kingdom Hearts on the PlayStation Portable. Titled ‘Birth by Sleep,’ this highly anticipated game has been on the radar of fans for quite some time and it’s good to know that a solid release date has been set.

Also launching alongside KH: BBS is a Limited Edition entertainment bundle pack for the PSP. The pack included a Mystic Silver PSP-3000, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, a movie to be named later, and a 4GB Memory stick.

You can pick all of this up on September 7th when the game releases.

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Comments (4)

  • ImLastBoss

    WOW OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’ve just made my da PSU

  • TRF

    One of the few PSP games I’m interested in. Why can’t we get a next-gen KH game, though? I’m sick of spin-offs, I want KH3 and I want it now!

  • SpoonPower

    Wonder if it’s for Europe aswell or just NA..

  • taus90

    Anyone else feel that it’s kinda funny how 2009 and 2010 are the best years for the PSP by far, and it’s only truly picked up around the time it’s successor is due?

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