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Kojima: Big announcement coming

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Kojima’s next big project, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, is scheduled for release this Wednesday in Japan and fans of the franchise are biting at the lip to get their hands on it. However, Kojima has announced via his Twitter that he also plans to announce something big alongside the release of the game.

While the speculation will fly about another release of Metal Gear — we’re going to go out on a limb and say that Kojima is going to finally announce Zone of Enders 3 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive and his next project. Of course, this is simply a pipe dream and probably isn’t all that likely, but by Thursday we’ll all know.

Kojima Tweeted the following earlier in the day: “On Wednesday, there will be a big Peace Walker announcement. I don’t think you can understand the enjoyment of Peace Walker until you’ve played it, but I believe you’ll feel a hint of sorts about ‘where is it a new Metal?’

Any fan of Kojima’s is obviously excited at this point, so Wednesday can’t get here soon enough.

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Comments (12)

  • 9Y0

    Man…I sure want new ZoE3 game…It will be awesome…

  • LimpingLlama

    This game is the reason i bought a psp.

  • ImLastBoss

    Bring another exclusive MG to PS3, and I’ll be happy, not MG rising multiplat like FF13.

  • taus90

    Peace walker 2 already in development for ps3 using MGS4 engine.

  • Irish dave

    They might announce a re-do the old mgs games god of war collection style or perhaps its just to announce trophy support to mgs4

  • Dr. Moogle

    @Irish dave: i agree with your first part….ive been wanting a blu ray of MGS 2 and 3 (and probably 1 as well…) but upscaled to 1080p and whatnot…..ever since the announcement of the GoW Collection….

    Sony needs to urge devs to do this….like Team ICO, Kingdom Hearts, FFX, X-2, and XII?

    either that or ZoE3 would be nice :D

  • TRF

    Is Zone of Enders that robot game? Anyways, no doubt the announcement will be awesome.

  • Dr. Moogle

    @TRF: yessir it is.

    @taus90: lawl, well at least you tried

    but man….two more days til the announcement….it better not be something stupid like MGS:Rising is now going to be a 360 exclusive!!!


  • ImLastBoss

    @ Irish dave, all MGs since ps1 on one bluray in hd and trophy support for mgs4, would be great!
    @taus90, I need to read up on that , I’m already excited!

  • Moocows111111

    Cough, cough Metal Gear Solid 5: Raiden’s Story Please! I’m a long time fan of the Metal Gear Solid series and I wish they keep on expanding on the story of Raiden and Snake’s Legacy.

  • Dr. Moogle

    @Moocows: meh, i doubt itll be about Rising…..i think he’s saving that for E3

    @ImLastBoss: I know right? but have them be integral, Substance, Subsistence (with the stuff from the second disc like MGS3 Theater, MG1 and MG2). That would be HELLA SICK

  • scottspeed

    trophies for mgs4 or all 3 metal gear solid games in a collection like god of war. or even better metal gear solid 5 exclusive for ps3. ( i know peace walker is tech 5 but it isnt in the title so 5 still to come).

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