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Lionhead Developer shows off ‘Mega Meshes’

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At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2011 in San Francisco, the lead programmer of Lionhead Studios, Ben Sugden, presented a new technique for rendering and texture creation. The presentation, titled ‘Mega Meshes – Modelling, Rendering and Lighting A World Made of 100 Billion Polygons’, came with a supplementary video that has now found it’s way onto the web.

Before watching, note that Sugden claims the frame rate in the video suffers for unknown reasons. Sugden proposed that it was due to the fact that the engine was running at 30hz, though there was no specific evidence to prove that. Also note that this presentation was made on the work of Milo & Kate, which is now out on Microsoft’s Kinect.

Although this has only been used for the Xbox 360 thus far, there’s no saying it won’t make it’s way to the PlayStation 3.

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  • Paranoimia

    It’s very nice, but it still suffers from the old 2D foliage problem. Just after 1:30, as the camera turns, so do the plants by the shed.

  • Matt

    Milo & Kate isn’t out — out of the picture, maybe, but it was never released.

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