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I can see me playin wit it NO …

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Comment posted Mock-up image of PlayStation Arc; Developer confirms ‘nunchuck’ by XxTYxCRAZYxX.

i can see me playin wit it NO HOMO. but i wont buy it sorry

XxTYxCRAZYxX also commented

  • im a ps3 fanboy be4 u say anything about my commet above num 20
  • this will probaly fail

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Comments (26)

  • BlinkyEC

    Apparently the nunchuck will be optional…

  • WonsAuto

    The possibility of a “nunchuck” makes this feel even more of a “me-too” move by Sony. Unless this takes a real cut out of Nintendo’s market share, I still think Sony and Microsoft’s efforts are shaping up to be a waste of time and resources.

  • Patrick Steen

    Yes we confirm in the article it’s optional – and won’t be needed for all games. We hypothesised this in the previous article, due to the replication of the X and O on the nunchuck – the Wand has them too. Dual wielding of the Wand is also a distinct possibility for PS3 motion control games, where the nunchuck won’t be needed at all (since it doesn’t have the bulb on top)

  • Moocows111111

    Yeah its starting to look, more and more like the Wii-mote, the red/blue ball on the main controller doesn’t look too great, kinda makes it look like a sex toy, fulfilling the role of “It only does Everything” XD Anyways, depending on the games that are coming out for it, I might be picking it up, an guesses how much its going to cost? ( $80 maybe?)

  • matsuki

    normaly all the electronic objects from sony look pretty nice…but i dont know, this wand or arc, meehhh

  • WonsAuto

    @Moocows – Hopefully it’s less than $80. On top of the price of a PS Eye, that price wouldn’t entice me very much if I were on the fence about buying this.

  • Moocows111111

    Oh yeah the PS Eye that’s like $50 or something like that, I’ll only get it if there aree really really good software coming for the PS Arc

  • hjh

    It is going to be huge flop

  • VofEscaflowne

    It’s gonna be crazy to think of all the bundles for this. So what, a bundle that comes with the PS Eye and the Arc. Then another one where the Arc is sold separately for people who already own a PS Eye. Then the inevitable bundle of a game + the Arc… but will there also be a bundle for the game + Arc + PS Eye? Crazy :p

  • Thorzilla

    Doesn’t look too bad! I might actually get it if it works as cool and well as the one archery demo a year ago.

    BTW, why two PS buttons, so the controllers can be used sepparately?


    i can see me playin wit it NO HOMO. but i wont buy it sorry

  • TRF

    This is looking good. I can’t wait to try No More Heroes on the PS3. And Madworld 2 *crosses fingers*

  • xero135

    can somebody please tell sony that this design looks stupid and suggestive : / i really hope they change it but i doubt they will.

  • dishes

    I am not a believer of this being a huge success. We will see, it will all boil down to the software available for the wand fuctionality and if it is fun.

  • HeyAndy

    Can we now say that sony copied the nunchuck from nintendo now?

  • Fatality

    Maybe they copied maybe they didnt, it is true that its pretty similar to wii’s nunchucks but did they like had any other choice?

  • george

    sony couldnt make it to diffrent to the wii and still make it avalible for all games.

  • Mikey

    Will it have vibration?

    If so and if it’s expensive, it’ll be a good excuse for me to give to the girlfriend when I get it.

  • HeyAndy


    Yes it will have vibration.

    And whats wrong with the design?

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    this will probaly fail


    im a ps3 fanboy be4 u say anything about my commet above num 20

  • Dr. Moogle

    @Crazy: ive been seeing people double post quite a lot recently…what is this??

    i dont even need to double post and im still far in the lead -_-

    but yeah, im hoping it wont….so long as the software lineup brings something new to the table…something that the Wii hasnt been able to get on (HD alone wont help much)

  • taus90

    well the mock up is spot on, I just dont want the nunchuck to be optional, sony should include it in a bundle camera+Move+sub controller less then $99

  • Dr. Moogle

    @taus: indeed, the optional controller should also be bundled with an extra bundle or so….for 80 :D

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