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Modern Warfare 2 crowned most successful entertainment launch

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We knew the success of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when the game launched, but it’s achievements are now official. Infinity Ward’s game has been awarded the Guinness World Record for more successful entertainment launch of all time.

That’s out of all entertainment mediums, movies, music, or otherwise. With $401.6 million in worldwide sales after only 24 hours, the game trumped previous record holder Grand Theft Auto IV. Rockstar’s game achieved $310 million in its first day, besting Bungie’s $170 million for Halo 3.

“This achievement is a reflection of the support from our community of fans around the world,” said Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling. “The Call of Duty series and Modern Warfare have been our passion – we’ve dedicated our lives to giving our best, so it’s an honor to be recognized by setting a new standard among all entertainment properties.”

Congratulations to Infinity Ward! We’re sure Activision is hoping for more of the same from Modern Warfare 3, even if most of the development team has left in controversy to spawn a new studio — Respawn Entertainment.

Via G4TV

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Comments (11)

  • hacker13sacker


  • TRF

    Oh, if only the game deserved its massive sales.

  • ImLastBoss

    @#1, You’re 100 accurate! MW2 was a freaking joke and the drama that followed it is bullcrap. Lucky I sold my copy about a month after launch .

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  • Moocows111111

    I sold my copy of COd4 for for piece of crap, once Last Guardian is out I’m selling my copy of mw2.

  • Dr. Moogle

    @hacker: agreed, MW2 is the most overhyped piece of trash this generation…and runs for one of the most overhyped piece of trash ever perhaps?

  • taus90

    Biggest entertainment Scam i would say!!!! How about just giving people the money that they’re owed? Or am I assuming that would be too simple and doesn’t lack the amount of subterfuge and underhandedness that is in the Activision contract

  • jubjub5721

    Actavtision should be burned to the ground…

  • Pollo

    Why dont they get the crown for “The Franchise that drove all the developers in the world to ONLY make FPS”

  • zevehcj

    The Last Guardian is going to be the most under rated game this year(maybe this generation). If it doesn’t have space marines or if its not a shooting game, it won’t excite “The hardcore gamer”. Shame that the game doesn’t get any attention.
    You are 100% correct sir.
    “Have you heard about that new game coming out next month called ______?” – The hardcore gamer
    “What type of game is it?” – True gamer
    “A FPS” – The hardcore gamer
    “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz” – True gamer

  • Doominator

    Hopefully one day a game that actually deserves to sell well will get to be in the world records book. errrrrrrrrr Probably not but we can hope

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