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News You Can Use: 04/17/12

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Today is full of trailers. Story trailers, gameplay trailers, preview trailers, you name it. So find a comfy place to kick back, grab a snack and a drink, and enjoy today’s heavily watchable news stories.

Bringing Collaborative Play to Sonic 4 Episode IIPlayStation Blog
Sega shows off some of the team work available in the upcoming Sonic 4: Episode II, including a few Sonic and Tail specific moves.

Dishonored Debut Official TrailerThe Escapist
The debut trailer for Bethesda’s upcoming Dishonored shows us the dark, grim world players will inhabit.

Here’s a story trailer for Sorcery - Destructoid
The anticipated PlayStation Move title Sorcery previews its very child-centric  story in this new trailer, along with showing off some of the different gameplay elements gamers can expect to find.

Namco Bandai Gamers Day 2012: Tekken Tag 2, Ni No Kuni, and More - PlayStation Blog
See what Namco Bandai has in store for the future of the PS3, including several upcoming titles.


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