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News You Can Use: 05/02/12

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Oh we have lots of goodies for you today.Game announcements, previews, free stuff, disappointment…er…well, yeah. But just a little of that one. It seems Valve will not be announcing anything new at the upcoming E3. Sad day. But enough with the melancholy. On the flip side, Sony shows a debut trailer for the interesting (and odd looking) The Unfinished Swan, and Persona 4 Golden gets a North American release window. Destructoid and Game Informer have some previews for you on LittleBigPlanet Karting and Hitman: Absolution, respectively. The last piece has the possibility of a free Call of Duty Elite subscription with PlayStation Plus. Legit? Click to find out.

Sony unveils PSN exclusive The Unfinished Swan with Debut Trailer - Eurogamer

Persona 4 Golden for Vita arrives in North America this autumn - Joystiq

Hands-on Preview: LittleBigPlanet Karting - Destructoid

Hitman: Absolution Preview - Game Informer

PlayStation Plus: Free COD Elite and New Releases? - IGN

News: Valve ‘not announcing anything at E3′ - CVS

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