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News You Can Use: 05/04/12

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Thank God Its Friday and thank god we have some News You Can Use today. Want to see just what went in the the upcoming move title Sorcery? Then the PlayStation Blog has a video for you. Max Payne 3 also has a new trailer out showcasing some gang action. Zen Studios is releasing an Avengers Pinball table for Marvel Pinball, and the PlayStation Blog has some cool info to share about it. Probably most interesting, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto talks PS Vita, some positive, some not-so positive. Educate yourself with these links.

The Making of Sorcery: The Magical Technology of Move - PlayStation.Blog

Max Payne 3-Gang Wars Trailer - Escapist

Five Cool Things About ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ Pinball - PlayStation.Blog

Miyamoto: Vita needs games - Edge-Online

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