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God of War Collection Review

When Sony announced that they were going to release God of War and God of War II on a single Blu-ray disc, I was pretty excited. After all, the God of War franchise is without a doubt the greatest two … Continue reading

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Sony continues dominance on its home turf

This week’s Media Create sales continue the trend of Sony’s platforms dominating the competition in sales figures throughout Japan. This time, covering the week ending on Nov. 8th, Sony’s PlayStation 3 has sold roughly 49,000 units in that seven day … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIII comes to North America on March 9th

Once Final Fantasy XIII releases in Japan next month, North American gamers won’t have to wait long to get their hands on the next iteration of the beloved franchise. According to an announcement made today, Final Fantasy XIII will be … Continue reading

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North American PSN Update: 11/12/09

The North American update isn’t anything spectacular this week, but there is a decent amount of free content to download. PAIN and Fat Princess make their appearances while Rock Band holds strong with its weekly installment.The brightest spot, of course, … Continue reading

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Sony has strong showing in October NPDs

Sony continues its strong spike in sales through the month of October according to the recently released NPD numbers. After the PlayStation Slim released in September, Sony showed promising sales figures, toppling the 360 by a wide margin. This was … Continue reading

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Activision reveals Modern Warfare 2 sales figures

Throw out the predictions and estimates of recent analysts, Activision has today released the sales figures for both North America and the United Kingdom. Though this doesn’t include figures for the rest of Europe or Australia and Asia, it does … Continue reading

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PS3 Motion Control is a “platform”

PS3 Studio Boss, Michael Denny, has expressed to GI.biz that the company’s upcoming motion controller is its very own platform in a sense and that they plan on marketing it not only to the casuals, but to the hardcore gamer … Continue reading

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Motorbikes may make an appearance in Gran Turismo 5

In a recent interview with IGN.com, Polyphony Digital President, Kazunori Yamauchi explained that Gran Turismo 5 may include motorbikes if that is something fans of the series demand. Considering the same man stated that this game could release at any … Continue reading

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European PSN Update: 10/12/09

This week wasn’t particularly anything special for our buddies across the pond, but Sony continued its delivery of game-specific downloadable content with this week’s update. Rock Band and Guitar Hero lead the way for titles like Pain and EyePet. It’s … Continue reading

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Analyst predicts 7 million sold for Modern Warfare 2

Analyst Ben Schachter has estimated that Modern Warfare 2 has sold seven million copies on the first day of its release. Considering the game has sold 1.2 million copies in the United Kingdom alone (doubling GTA IV’s release), Schachter has … Continue reading

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