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Lost Files: PlayStation 3 RPG Ascendant (Screens+Trailers)

Sometimes games seem to get lost in the fray that people may forget about or never even heard of. Ascendant is one of these titles. Developed by Big Huge Games, this roleplaying game is supposedly Ken Rolston’s masterpiece, however after … Continue reading

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North America PSN Update; 10/22/09

This week’s North American update is everything the last two should have been. The PlayStation Portable content is looking magnificent as Sony has dished out 10 or so titles for download including a plethora of Grand Theft Auto titles. On … Continue reading

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[UPDATED] Borderlands Swag Giveaway

Hello students of PlayStation University! Though we don’t have a review copy of Borderlands to give away, we do have some very sweet Borderlands swag to send your way for being loyal readers of the website. We spent a couple … Continue reading

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Top 8 Guns of Ratchet and Clank

With Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time scheduled for release this upcoming Tuesday, we figured we’d get the anticipation going by creating a Top 8 list of one of the brighter spots of the franchise — weaponry. Any gamer … Continue reading

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The English Cast Of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Revealed

Fans of Metal Gear Solid rest assured, the man who has been delivering the lines of the Snakes of MGS has returned for the upcoming PSP Metal Gear. Revealed by Kotaku, the english cast of the main characters has been … Continue reading

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European PSN Update; 10/22/09

European PSPgo owners are going to enjoy this week as Sony has finally released a solid bunch of content for the device. Not only has the highest rated PSP title to date, GTA: Chinatown Wars, been released, but they’ve also … Continue reading

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Heavy Rain will differ slightly in each region

After the release of a seemingly sexy strip tease from Heavy Rain was leaked, a lot of gamers were under the impression that Heavy Rain would have to be censored in certain regions. This strip tease only magnified and pretty … Continue reading

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Namco unveils Inversion — 2-player co-op TPS

Namco Bandai Games has released seven screenshots for its recently announced title, Inversion. Inversion is a 2-player co-op campaign in third-person form that seems to be quite the mix of other released title. While it’s hard to judge a book … Continue reading

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Borderlands is “selling out everywhere”

Michael Pachter recently stated that Borderlands was being sent out to greener pastures to be shot and killed. Fortunately for Gearbox Software, the only death Borderlands is facing is the inability to keep the game in stock long enough for … Continue reading

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Top 8 RPGs of the PlayStation Family

Bang for your buck is one of the biggest reasons to buy any video game in any generation of gaming and no genre has been able to delivery in that regard as much as Roleplaying Games. Some of these bad … Continue reading

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