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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gone Gold

It’s official, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gone Gold. While this may not matter to many, if any, and we’re not going to announce when each title goes Gold, it almost feels mandatory to inform people that MW2 … Continue reading

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 to feature motion controls?

Sony and Microsoft have both been making splashes with their motion control technology during the last several gaming events. However, neither of these technologies will matter if neither has proper development support. While Microsoft is focusing on bringing in the … Continue reading

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God of War III Fan Kit #3 now available

Sony has released their third installment into the downloadable Fan Kit department for God of War III. While all of its contents aren’t going to be anything new or worth getting excited for, it’s always nice to grab some high … Continue reading

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Kevin Butler puts his spin on Uncharted 2

Sony’s good friend and employee, Kevin Butler, is up to his old antics once more. This time however he isn’t denying rumor mongrels or trying to unite families. Instead, Butler is giving out relationship advice to an unsure customer who … Continue reading

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Digi-Guys tell Gabe Newell, ‘PS3 Hype was right!’

Digi-Guys, the developers behind WarDevil, seem to have a lot to say when it comes to the PlayStation 3 and the process of developing for the console’s architecture. In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Andy Whitehurst, founder and senior … Continue reading

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WarDevil to boast ‘Hollywood-grade’ visuals at 60FPS

Edge magazine recently released some new tidbits of information from the guys over at Digi-Guys, developers behind the PlayStation 3 title, WarDevil. While some may have thought this title was headed to vaporware, there is reason to believe that this … Continue reading

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Footage of Borderlands co-op gameplay

One of the coolest aspects of the upcoming title, Borderlands, is its co-op gameplay. While co-op can be played online (my preference), it can also be played offline in a split-screen scenario. This is something that not enough games are … Continue reading

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Ratchet & Clank getting personal demos this time

Anyone who has ever played a Ratchet & Clank title knows that playing as Clank is an entirely different experience than playing as Ratchet. Insomniac Games knows this and is making sure people know exactly what kind of zany antics … Continue reading

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Top 8 Chicks We’d Like to See in a Video Game

Alright – This is probably going to be a controversial list because when push comes to shove, everyone’s tastes are different. However, I stand by the fact that these women do it for me and I wouldn’t say no to … Continue reading

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White Knight Chronicles Will Release In February 2010

A new trailer has surfaced for the highly anticipated Level-5 JRPG White Knight Chronicles. However, the most interesting aspect of this trailer is that it narrows down the release window for the PS3 JRPG. The game has been given a … Continue reading

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