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Footage of LittleBigPlanet with Sony’s wand motion control

VG247 has unearthed a surprisingly good YouTube video featuring one of the motion wand demonstrations from the Tokyo Game Show’s opening keynote. The footage reveals exactly how LittleBigPlanet will function with the want motion support once it is released in … Continue reading

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Dead Rising 2 multiplayer trailer is impressive

Joystiq.com continues to produce the goods from the Tokyo Game Show this year with an off-screen trailer of the upcoming zombie slayer, Dead Rising 2. The trailer features the multiplayer component of Capcom’s upcoming title and it looks like it … Continue reading

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Get a ten minute dose of MGS: Peace Walker goodness

It’s starting to become more and more apparent that Hideo Kojima may just be immortal and made of pure win. During the Tokyo Game Show, Kojima Productions has released a 10 minute trailer for its upcoming PSP exclusive, Metal Gear … Continue reading

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PSP Go – No Conversion Method For UMDs

Sorry UMD owners but according to Sony there will not be a way for you to convert your UMD’s to a digital state in order to play it on the PSPGo. When asked by Gamer blog Kotaku on reasons why … Continue reading

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Kratos Shows Us Why He Must Be Respected

Japan, Europe, North America, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you believe in but if there’s one thing everyone agrees on it’s that KRATOS MUST BE RESPECTED. This is a man who will rip off a piece of … Continue reading

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Star Ocean IV International’s Debut TGS 09 Trailer

Last year many PS3 fans were both shocked and disappointed when JRPG hit maker Square-Enix announced that the new game in the Star Ocean series would release exclusively on the Xbox 360. To say it lightly the game bombed commercially … Continue reading

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Devil Kings 3 announced for PS3

In a surprising turn of events the Japanese gaming giant, Capcom has announced a new title for the PS3. Which actually turned out to be a new game in the Devil Kings series appropriately titled Devil Kings 3. For those … Continue reading

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North American PSN Update; 9/24/09

This week’s North American update is quite the doozy, not only in length, but in content as well. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us all for a meager $9.99 and the Store has gifted us with five demos to check … Continue reading

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Top 8 Dreamcast Games we’d like on PSN

With the recent rumors flying around that their is a potential for Dreamcast games to appear exclusively on the PlayStation Network, we felt it necessary to compile our own Top 8 list of games we’d like to see. We’re sure … Continue reading

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European PSN Release: 9/24/09

The Caped Crusader glides into your homes for free and Heavy Weapon finally makes its arrival. Those of us who are cheap gamers can check out free demos of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Lost Planet 2 and The Punisher: No … Continue reading

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