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Gotham City Imposters injecting DC inspired heroes into an FPS

Warner Bros. has just announced Gotham City Impostors, a downloadable first-person shooter that puts players in the role of a DC Universe inspired superheros or villains. Developed by Monolith Productions (Condemned), the title will have players choose between two factions, … Continue reading

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Games that defined Gamers

Ever go back to a particular game, one that brings back memories of losing your virginity to gaming or a title that just has defining moments in your gaming history? A heart-touching or addictive title that sticks with you, even … Continue reading

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North American PSN update: 4/12/11

The North American update this week continues the lackluster streak that started last week. While it may prove useful to point out the addition of Patapon 3, I must say I was shocked when I saw that SCEA decided to … Continue reading

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North American PSN Update: 4/5/11

This week’s update is pretty lackluster to say the least. There isn’t all that much to it outside of the downloadable title Red Faction: Battlegrounds. Other than that, it’s your usual crop of DLC that you’d expect from the weekly … Continue reading

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2011’s Top 5 Game of the Year Candidates

Coming right out of the gate with Bayonetta and Darksiders, then immediately followed by Mass Effect 2, 2010 hit the ground running, to say the very least. Then Heavy Rain, God of War III, Red Dead Redemption, and Super Mario … Continue reading

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DC Universe Online Beta Impressions

Thanks to my PlayStation Plus subscription, I was able to get my hands on the DC Universe Online beta. DC Universe Online is an MMORPG developed by Sony Online Entertainment Austin and published by Sony Online Entertainment. Create a hero, … Continue reading

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2011: The Gaming Year to Eclipse All Others

Despite previous disappointments (and that’s putting it extremely lightly), I decided to watch the Video Game Awards on Spike. Despite my lowered expectations the show was an embarrassment to the games industry and awards shows in general; instead of presenting … Continue reading

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Top 5 Things That Went Right at VGA 2010

The Spike TV Video Game Awards are a joke and they’ll probably never be more than that. If it wasn’t for the fact that the gaming industry is given the chance to run two hours worth of commercials on prime … Continue reading

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Nominees for SpikeTV’s VGA 2010 released

Earlier today, SpikeTV revealed the nominees for its upcoming Video Game Awards show for 2010. Despite lacking one of the biggest titles released this year entirely, the other nominees are very well chosen but tainted by the lack of Gran … Continue reading

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Six Underwhelming Limited Editions

Sometimes the extra goodies provided offered by limited editions are genuinely compelling and are worth at least a look, even by casual fans of a franchise or license. Mostly, though, limited and collector’s editions are totally unnecessary. They’re usually a … Continue reading

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