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Underdog Games of 2010

With every turn of the New Year, gamers go into the event knowingly excited for big named titles that companies have promised them. Last year we saw it with Killzone 2, inFamous, Uncharted 2 and Forza 3. The idea and … Continue reading

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Feature: 2010 a Boon for PS3’s Missing MMORPGs

In life I am known as Adam Tingle, a mild mannered gap year student with a grudge against the modern world and a temper to accompany all things casual. I have no special abilities, I cannot commit to heroic deeds, … Continue reading

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Sony Announces Black Friday Deals

Tomorrow, Black Friday America’s biggest shopping season of the year will start with a bang. And with the amount of deals being made available, Sony has revealed where you can pick up one of their awesome Black Friday bundles. Amazon: … Continue reading

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Video Game Awards’ nominees have been revealed

As usual at this time of year, SpikeTV has released the nominees for its upcoming yearly game awards show. Many of you have probably figured this out already, but Uncharted 2 has made a strong showing this year and has … Continue reading

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Top 8 Stealth Games

Stealth games take patience and careful planning when playing them as the wrong move can leave the gamer in an unfavorable situation. While we’re sure many of you have died countless times while playing the listed games below, one thing … Continue reading

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Top 8 Family Friendly Games

Every console has a lineup of games that are released designed to bring the family together to sit on the couch and enjoy them. It doesn’t matter whether your dad needs to finish up something for work, or mom is … Continue reading

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Top 8 Next Generation Main Characters

This type of list is put together all the time by all major websites. You don’t have to be a small blog or a site looking to attract hits to create a greatest characters list, however, I don’t believe anyone … Continue reading

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North American PSN update; 10/01/2009

The North American update this week is completely out of control. With over 200 pieces of content ready for download, it’s going to be quite the drain on a lot of people’s wallets. The launch of the PSP Go! seems … Continue reading

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North American PSN Update; 9/24/09

This week’s North American update is quite the doozy, not only in length, but in content as well. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us all for a meager $9.99 and the Store has gifted us with five demos to check … Continue reading

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European PSN Release: 9/24/09

The Caped Crusader glides into your homes for free and Heavy Weapon finally makes its arrival. Those of us who are cheap gamers can check out free demos of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Lost Planet 2 and The Punisher: No … Continue reading

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