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PlayStation Education: The Pop Quiz Returns! [CONTEST]

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1. C. The People’s Golf
2. A. President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios
3. B. Rayman (everyone got this wrong except for Rann; here’s a source for the answer)
4. D. SingleTrac
5. A. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
6. B. 40 GB
7. C. Ape Escape
8. D. Master of Puppets
9. A. Spider-Man
10. B. Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (a Game Boy Color game)
11. C. The Price is Right
12. A. Jose Bautista
13. C. Blasto
14. B. 220 ppi
15. D. The Simpsons Arcade Game

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  • Reneid Klein

    Coolness. Hope I win this time. After the whole Reneid-Klein-Got-All-But-The-Last-Question-Right-And-Suddenly-Everyone-Else-Copied-His-Answers-And-Answered-The-Last-One-Right-And-Got-Credit-For-It-And-Reneid-Didn’t fiasco from a few years ago, these have left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. But this time it’s not public and a random draw so here’s to hope.

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