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PlayStation University TV Episode 4

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We’re back this week with our fourth installment of PlayStation University TV. Episode 4 covers what we missed over the last couple of weeks due to the Holiday season including the announcement of Tomb Raider’s trilogy and Two World’s rare collector’s edition.

As always, there is a question of the week for you to answer at the end so be sure to do so in the comment section below. Our favorite response will receive a $20 PSN card.

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Comments (3)

  • victorgodamnsullivan

    Uncharted 3 Because Uncharted 2 is considered one of the best games this generation and Naughty Dog has never given me a reason to believe they won’t top their previous effort.

  • Reigen

    1st of, im realy looking forward to playing all the games this year motorstorm3, lbp2, kilzone3, mass effect3, infamous2, the last guardian, uncharted3, resistance3, gears of war3, etc..
    but i beliewe its gona be resistance3
    because r1 despite being a lanch title gawe us a sick 40 player fps multiplayer and some of the most fun enemies and weapons in videogames
    than resistance2 toped it all of whit more sick enemies and weapons, boss batles, an 8 player online co-op, and a 60 player online war, and than there was the V7spicer…. man how i love that gun-like-bladethrowing-saw
    anyway i expect nothing less of the best videogame enemies, the most ecsotic weapons, the biggest online multplayer and the most fucked up gameplay scenarios in resistance3

  • jm10

    What game am i looking forward for 2011? UNCHARTED 3!……….all I have to say is its gunna be amazingly EPIC!!!! if i had to rate it outta 10 i’d give it a “What are you crazy? even Chuck Norris cant rate how good this game is.”

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