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What’s up fellas? I hear it’s super-cool …

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Comment posted PS Uni Underground Radio 017: Basement Dweller by CaveBo.

What’s up fellas? I hear it’s super-cool to comment here now.

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    I remember being about 5, looking at a rack of comic books at a gas station while my Dad waited in line to pay. I asked if I could have one and he spun it around, scanning the titles, then handed me a Batman comic. Batman’s pupilless glare and grimmace made it hard for me to understand that he was a good guy. Dad explained he was fighting the bad guys and mad at them for hurting people.
    Also the scene in “Arkham Asylum” (spoiler warning) when the hallway slowly turns into the alley and the “origin moment” occurs- Freakin’ Awesome!
    I’m XL. Thanks guys!

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Comments (13)

  • Tyler Lee

    For the record, I never said that Dirge was the “same” as FFVII. I’m still confused where that came from.

  • Malcolm Spinedi

    Until Joe fixes the link, here’s the link to the fixed version:


  • Joe Garcia

    New version is up. How sad is it that we’re the only commenters?

  • GamingHobbyist

    Not anymore.

    • Malcolm Spinedi

      Alright GamingHobbyist! You rock!!!!

  • GamingHobbyist

    Indeed I do. How do you get profile pictures? I’m looking pretty generic.

  • GamingHobbyist

    I fixed it. I really do rock.

  • han

    How sad is it that we’re the only commenters?

    • Tyler Lee

      Well, we were (Joe, Malcolm, and myself), but then GamingHobbyist showed how awesome he is and commented as well. And then you did, which shows your extremely high level of cool.

  • CaveBo

    What’s up fellas? I hear it’s super-cool to comment here now.

    • Tyler Lee

      It is. But it isn’t just this post. It is super-cool to comment on any and all posts. Tell your friends.

  • GamingHobbyist

    It is pretty cool. Just finished listening to the podcast, left you a review on iTunes. I like the comment about using the Tony Hawk Ride peripheral on your washing machine.

    • Malcolm Spinedi

      That was me! YES! YES! YES!

      Hey thank you very much! We always appreciate some iTunes love. ^_^

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