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PS Uni Underground Radio 015: Citizen Bad

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Team PS3 reunites with a special guest! Apparently, the fifteenth episode is about where you can have guests. On tonight’s show, we welcome Travis Foster of Front Towards Gamer fame. Most importantly, he’s a relative of WCW Superstar and future Hall of Famer Ice Train. And he gave the podcast its name, which we guess is cool.

In the news we cover Batman: Arkham City‘s GotY Edition and drool over the Harley’s Revenge DLC, Joe has an on-air joygasm over news of a Rayman Origins sequel, and we talk about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (with Cheese). We also give Adam Sessler leaving G4 a poo out of 5, and talk tank controls for Bethesda’s upcoming survival horror game.

Malcolm ended up reviewing Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat – it’s not good. Mostly, though, there’s just lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of going off topic this week.

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Running Time: 2:10:27

Hosts: Joe Garcia (@Wons23), Malcolm Spinedi (@NotintheMiddle), Tyler Lee (@_SamuraiZero_), Travis Foster (@_TravFoster)

Music: No More Lies by George & Jonathan | Buy “The Best Music” on Bandcamp

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