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RUMOR: Is Yakuza 3 headed to Europe?

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Mark this down as a rumor but apparently it was reported that renowned Japanese developer and publisher SEGA are currently in the process of localizing the cult classic Yakuza 3. For those of you not too familiar with the Yakuza brand. The games follow the trials and tribulations of Ex-Yakuza turned local hero Kazuma Kiryu as he fights his way through hordes of the Japanese Underworld to protect his friends and his honor.

The Yakuza series has seen a total of 4 releases and one upcoming game. Only two of them have actually found their way overseas. The news and rumor broke when Ignition Entertainment was pegged as one of the possible companies to bring this game to Europe with a slight modification that would allow one or two of the locations in the game to be cut, to make the localization process easier.

Until further notice mark this under rumor folks and we’ll update as soon as the story develops.

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    From my source at Sega Australia, It’s on it’s way.

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