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Sega is set to bring Hatsune Miku project to PS3

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A good chunk of you are probably entirely confused as to who Hatsune Miku is, but you’ll be shocked to know that this girl is quite the internet sensation in Japan. Not only that, but just entering the name into YouTube will bring up thousands of videos of girls pretending to be a pretend character singing. It sounds like a ridiculous scenario (and it is), but who could deny the kawaii that is Miku? Nobody.

At a recent concert event, SEGA announced that it has plans to release a downloadable software application for the PlayStation 3 in order to make the PlayStation Portable title playable on the big screen through your big machine. This is a great announcement for fans of the game, but unless they plan on porting the title over to North America, it’ll mean very little to the rest of us.

According to some sites, the visual quality will be on par with the arcade version, but nothing has yet been confirmed. This is just something you guys will have to sit on the edge of your seats to wait for.

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Comments (15)

  • BlinkyEC

    Seriously guys ? Slow news day ?

  • TRF

    I think I’ve seen her in a vegetable juice commercial. Would like to see more of her.

  • Jinkinator

    God I hate Miku and all the other vocaloids. Pretty much embodies everything I hate about ‘otaku’ culture.

  • Hozi

    Sega should really start making wiser decisions….

  • ReneidKlein

    Awesome! I love Hatsune Miku. I didn’t get into Vocaloid till this past summer but all the songs I’ve heard, I have enjoyed.

  • Dr. Moogle


    i dont know how popular this anime is over here…but i dont see this selling well

  • WonsAuto

    Hot damn! Can’t wait! OK, maybe not. I have no idea what this is, but I guess there’s always someone who cares about something.

  • ARC-1300

    never heard of this before but it definitely sounds intresting “searches for videos”

  • Thorzilla

    Japanese and their weird fetishes…

  • Exion

    I love Project Diva, shame this won’t be on a disc though (would have imported it). I highly doubt this will ever be on the US store.

  • Dr. Moogle

    oh and uhh yeah, this is a terrible idea, SEGA….youve been on a losing streak lately…..this isnt helping…..

    the only thing im looking forward to is Sonic 4 :\

    that better not be a ripoff

  • Kaito

    AWESOME!!! Can’t wait!! First Project Diva 2 this July, and now this…Ahhh…2010 is awesome….

  • Fatality

    lol i was thinking the same, ripoff of sonic 4 xD though im not looking forward for both

  • ReneidKlein

    @Dr. Moogle, it’s not an anime. From what I gather, Vocaloid is 95% fan-made.

  • taus90

    Seriously Japan has some strangest taste in the world, or are the rest of the world different

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