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Labyrinth Legends Review: Puzzling Dungeons

To start this review I would like to first touch on two things: dungeon crawlers are one of my favorite genres and for some reason my cat LOVES this game. Creat Studios is a master of many domains, since its … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Legends New Trailer Reveals Release Date and Dungeon Crawling
Labyrinth Legends

Creat Games, the developer behind titles like Hamster Ball and Mushroom Wars, is crawling through dungeons onto the PlayStation Network this holiday season with Labyrinth Legends. Labyrinth Legends will be available on December 19th in North American and December 21st in Europe … Continue reading

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Uncharted: Fight for Fortune Vita Announcement Trailer

Before you get too excited, this is just a turn-based card battle game. With that being said, it actually gives a higher purpose to seeking out collectibles in an Uncharted game. Continue reading

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Dead Island developer Techland working on Mad Riders

Techland, developers of the recent zombie apocalypse title Dead Island, are shifting gears a bit. If you enjoyed tearing up paradise while on the run from zombies, hacking and slashing and pulverizing the undead, or desperately trying to survive becoming zombie chow, … Continue reading

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I Am Alive gets a new trailer

Hey, I guess this game does exist. After a long period of going silent and the sudden announcement of the game being switched to a downloadable title,  hype and anticipation started to dwindle for I Am Alive. But at least … Continue reading

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