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PlayStation Move: Full list of 34 supporting games

During Sony’s E3 press conference, the company decided to show off new PlayStation Move games – not old ones. But we’ve tracked down all the games that will support Move over the next year and there’s more than you think … Continue reading

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PlayStation Move launch dates and prices announced

PlayStation Move is coming. Sony has announced its release date with pricing included. PlayStation move will launch on 19 September in the US, 15 September in Europe and October 21st in Japan. There’ll be 15-20 launch titles that will support … Continue reading

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Sony may announce subscription based PSN at E3

Last year the internet was set alight by rumours of monthly fees coming to Sony’s free PlayStation Network. Fears were soon put to rest, but the PS3’s online service could see the announcement of a premium version at this year’s … Continue reading

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Sony is saving “PLENTY!!!” for E3

Following the announcement of LittleBigPlanet 2 (watch its announcement trailer here)┬ámany have questioned why Sony didn’t hold the game back for E3. The more mind blowing game announcements the better, right? Though we’re extremely excited about the “f***ing powerful” LittleBigPlanet … Continue reading

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