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Kevin Butler honours PSN gamers in latest ad campaign

Kevin Butler’s latest challenge has come to an end. Sony’s lively mouthpiece has been honouring the best gamers on the PlayStation Network for the past few weeks on his YouTube channel, finishing yesterday with a Thanksgiving highlights reel. If you’re … Continue reading

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Sony’s ‘Michael’ advert tops UK’s most shared

Despite iPhone 4S feature Siri becoming a rather big deal following its unveiling last month, Apple lost out to Sony and its ‘Long Live Play’ campaign in October when it came to the UK’s most shared advert. ‘Michael’, the spectacular … Continue reading

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Long Live Play is about being like Mike

Two weeks ago, Sony released a cryptic teaser trailer, promising to deliver something on October 5th. That day is finally upon us, and the teaser is … just a small part of a longer video. While it might be initially … Continue reading

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Long Live Play announcement coming October 5th

If you’re a fan of ominous teaser trailers, Sony have cooked up a decent batch of “Huh?” just for you. In a minute-long YouTube video, they’ve stirred up a decent amount of speculation and rumor-brewing, with people guessing that it’s … Continue reading

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