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News You Can Use: 04/24/12

Some interesting and exciting things are found in today’s News You Can Use. PS Vita owners should be excited for the new Skype application getting released today. The soon to be announced upcoming Call of Duty title gets more of … Continue reading

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PS Uni Underground Radio 011: Congressman Chewbecca

Put away that distress signal, PSUR is back, with Joe, Malcolm, and Tyler discussing politics! Oh, and games too. Listen in as they discuss news — Is Dragon Age III on the horizon, and why is Malcolm so excited? Why is the … Continue reading

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BioWare’s Decision: The Relationship Between Developers and Their Audience

The fiasco surrounding the wrathful reaction to Mass Effect 3’s ending from fans continues to grow. What started out as a simple set of endings that didn’t set well with fans expectations (I didn’t care for the endings myself), has … Continue reading

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PS Uni Underground Radio Episode 010: The Lambcast

From the ashes of yet another bad connection on Skype, comes the next entry of PlayStation University’sUnderground Radio, now made from real lamb skin! Join us as we tackle Ratchet and Clank’s HD Collection, whether or not Joe’s hatemail email exists, and whether … Continue reading

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Spoils of War 001: Mass Effect 3

From the innovators at PlayStation University comes a new show that FINALLY allows us to tell you everything about games, and we do mean everything! Spoils of War is the new show from PSUni that features the writers of our site spilling the … Continue reading

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News You Can Use: The Biggest Stories of the Week (3/11-3/16)

Regular readers of the site might have noticed that we’ve cut down on news over the last week, and that was on purpose. The way we see it, you can get your news from many, larger outlets, and they’d probably … Continue reading

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The End of Shepard’s Tale: Do We Really Reap What We Sow?

Editor’s Note: The following post is all about the end of Mass Effect 3, and naturally contains MASSIVE SPOILERS. If you haven’t finished the game, please come back when you have. It’s okay, we won’t mind. Promise. BioWare has been … Continue reading

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The Normandy: The Greatest Character in All of Mass Effect

Mass Effect is a universe with no shortage of compelling events, characters, and locales. With the vast number of choices for players to make along the way, everyone’s experience differs, sometimes wildly. No matter what path you choose to take, … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3 Review

Commander Shepard has spent years warning the galaxy of the threat posed by the Reapers, sentient machines that cyclically wipe out all organic life in the Milky Way every 50,000 years. The Reapers were constantly written off as a myth … Continue reading

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Download Mass Effect 3 on PSN now!

As of midnight this morning (or last night, however you want to look at it) Mass Effect 3 was released via the PlayStation Store. Gamers who want to continue Sheperd’s quest to save the galaxy on the PS3 can download … Continue reading

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