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Tigers win the AL Central. Without Nathan the …

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Comment posted The 2010 season according to MLB 10: The Show by dishes.

Tigers win the AL Central. Without Nathan the twins are not as much of a powerhouse.

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  • DJ2Cool

    glad to see another chicago sports fan. also i hope this is the year for the cubs. what is it 102 years or so now?

  • Meowww

    I like how the Playoff Picture looks. Except my White Sox will win the Al Central ^_^ The All Star game prediction is completely out to lunch IMO lol.

  • Joe Garcia

    @DJ2Cool – It’s better for my health if I don’t keep track of that.

    @Meowww – Your White Sox finished 4th in my simulation, lol.

  • TRF

    You’d better hope we forget this come the end of the season when none of this happens. XD

  • dishes

    Tigers win the AL Central. Without Nathan the twins are not as much of a powerhouse.

  • Jaz350z

    Let’s go reds ;)

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