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Free PlayStation Mobile Games for the Next Six Weeks

Who doesn’t like free games? Every week for the next six weeks you will be able to download a game from the PlayStation Mobile store 100% free of charge. If you have a PlayStation Vita, you can just check out … Continue reading

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Wakeboarding HD Review – Sunken Chances
wakebaording hd logo

Before reviewing this game, I hadn’t really realized the fact that there just aren’t that many games that allow you to control a character that moves around in or on top of the water. I can think back and remember … Continue reading

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DUST 514 Open Beta Announced
dust514 logo

Dust 514 is an upcoming free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter. If that was a little hard to follow, it’s called an MMOFPS or a game with lots of players that shoot at each other. The game is set to … Continue reading

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The Homeroom Podcast – Episode 7: Reboots and Genre-Blending – Tasty Gaming Cocktails?
PSUni Square

Join us at PlayStation University for the next episode of our amazing podcast: Homeroom. Get to know us a bit more and listen to us talk about topics in gaming that need to be discussed. Witty banter and informative dialogue … Continue reading

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DmC Devil May Cry Review – Angelic Demon Slaying

Dante has undergone a complete redesign of his character with a new hair style and everything – he is looking very emo these days. DmC Devil May Cry is the latest entry in the popular action-game franchise and is a … Continue reading

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DmC Devil May Cry Unboxing
DmC Unboxing Pic

DmC Devil May Cry is set to release this coming week on Tuesday, January 15th. Capcom was gracious enough to supply us here at PlayStation University with an early release copy of the game. Check out the full unboxing video … Continue reading

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Sneaks in a New Trailer
thieves in time logo

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is set to releaseon both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita on February 5th, 2013. In anticipation for the fourth entry in the popular thieving racoon series, we’ve got a new gameplay trailer demonstrating … Continue reading

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Tomb Raider Behind-the-Scenes Development of Multiplayer Mode
tomb raider multiplayer

It’s no secret by now that the new reboot of Tomb Raider is going to have a multiplayer mode. There’s also no hiding the inevitable comparisons to Sony’s flagship franchise Uncharted (which was clearly inspired by the original Tomb Raider … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls Brings Death and Difficulty to PSN Today
demon's souls

Everyone is in love with Dark Souls nowadays, with all of their funny playthroughs and praising of its extreme difficulty – but what about Demon’s Souls? Dark Souls is merely the spiritual successor to this great PS3 exclusive that started … Continue reading

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THQ Prepares to Auction Away Individual Properties
sr3 logo

News was recently revealed that THQ was having to file for bankruptcy and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Originally, the company was to be sold wholesale with a very short window of time for other companies … Continue reading

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