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North American PSN update; 10/08/09

Those of you hoping this week’s PlayStation Network update is going to be any semblance of last weeks, you’re going to be disappointed. I thought on the heels of the PSPgo’s release, we’d see large PSP updates on a weekly … Continue reading

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Sony continues to outsell Wii + 360 in Japan

For the fourth week in a row, Sony’s PlayStation 3 has continued its strong sales increase by outselling the competition combined once more. This past week, September 27th to October 4th, PlayStation 3 shifted 37,000 consoles according to Famitsu magazine. … Continue reading

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Pachter ‘PS3 outsold 360 and Wii in September’

Surprised? Of course not. After Sony announced their $100 price cut, the PlayStation 3 started sliding off store shelves like a fat kid down a very lubricated slip’n’slide. With full momentum pushing forward into the Holiday season, Sony can also … Continue reading

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European PSN Update; 10/8/01

Another week is in the books and it’s that time again where we list all of the contents coming to the PlayStation Store in Europe. The list isn’t usually as long as the North American side of things, but it … Continue reading

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PlayStation Home gives NFL fans team jerseys!

The EA Sports complex in PlayStation Home is without a doubt the best space available. Not only can you pass your time playing Texas Hold’Em, but you can also race around the track or hit golf balls at your leisure. … Continue reading

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Critters of Final Fantasy XIV revealed

Final Fantasy XIII hasn’t even released yet and the media frenzy in regards to Final Fantasy XIV is in the early days of revving up. Thankfully, Square Enix has been pretty generous in revealing new information about their upcoming MMO … Continue reading

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Is this Max Payne 3 trailer real?

Max Payne has always been synonymous with bullet time gameplay and a dish known as revenge. That’s one of the main reasons as to why this supposed leaked Max Payne 3 trailer would appear to be legit. While Rockstar is … Continue reading

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Live Action Tekken trailer is beyond Epic!

Live Action trailers have started to become a growing trend in the gaming industry and it’s usually not too surprising when a developer designs one. However, this Tekken live action trailer is actually fan made and unlike most user-created content … Continue reading

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GameTrailers TV Modern Warfare 2 Spec-Ops blowout!

Are you thirsty for more Modern Warfare 2 information? This past week has seen the release of several new map names, achievements and Trophies as well as other minute details yet to have been revealed by the company officially. Tonight, … Continue reading

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Critter Crunch trailer is too adorable for words — watch it!

Critter Crunch is a downloadable PlayStation Network title scheduled to his the Store in tomorrow’s update for the low cost of $6.99. The title is definitely family oriented and is something you can enjoy with your kids. It reminds us … Continue reading

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