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PSN content finally joins Amazon ranks

We’re not sure why Sony and their PlayStation Network are so late to this party, but Amazon has begun selling digital content from the PlayStation Store. While Microsoft and Nintendo have been doing this for months now, Sony had been … Continue reading

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FIFA 10 is fastest selling sports game ever

It’s not exactly a shock that the continent of Europe waits year in and year out for Electronic Arts to release their yearly installment of the FIFA football franchise. The game consistently sells well in Europe even months after release … Continue reading

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Top 8 Overhyped PS3 Titles

Every console in every generation has those real special titles that only a fraction of the userbase considers true winners, however, up until release 90% of the console owners said this title would be the best thing since Super Mario. … Continue reading

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Top 8 New Faces of Gaming

This feature is somewhat related to my previous “Top 8 Next Generation Main Characters,” feature in which people felt that characters chosen were not deserving due to their aging status. While I disagree entirely, I felt the need to appease … Continue reading

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SEGA makes it official. Alpha Protocol Delayed

In a not so surprising move SEGA confirmed today via it’s official site that Alpha Protocol will see a delay from October 2009 to Spring 2010. This confirms rumors and the recent change in retailers stock dates. As of now … Continue reading

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Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time Collector’s Edition Revealed

Looks like PS3 fans in Europe are in for a nice surprise. Recently revealed by the European Playstation Blog. Europe will be receiving it’s own Collector’s Edition for Insomniac’s AAA Game Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time. The Collector’s … Continue reading

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EyePet Gets Delayed

In a surprising turn of events. The interactive pet simulator Eye Pet has been delayed until 2010. Several retailers have begun changing their stock date from November 2009 to April 2010. According to a Sony issued Statement the reason behind … Continue reading

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Pachter at it again, ‘Uncharted 2 is game changer’

Michael Pachter is never too worried about letting people know what he thinks about the game industry and despite this being a very pro-Sony comment, I still find it hard to take the guy seriously (don’t worry, you feel the … Continue reading

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Full track list for DJ Hero revealed

If rhythm games are your thing, you’re probably excited for the upcoming release of Activision’s latest musical creation, DJ Hero. For those interested, Activision has today released the full track listing for the game which consists of 93 tracks in … Continue reading

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PSPGo Is dropping In Price

According to some reports Sony’s all digital handheld, the PSPGo will be taking a drop in price within a week of it’s release. As reported by Eurogamer the PSPgo will see a price drop from the current £250 to a … Continue reading

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